2017 Gateway Canada

And we are back! Team Gateway has been hard at work again to bring the Gateway conference back to North America. Along with four other AGLA colleagues, Ariana, Qian, Alex, Mathieu, Jeff and I came to Toronto, Canada’s most populous city to tell the Alibaba story to Canadian SME’s about the growing opportunities to sell to China’s middle class. China’s growing population and emerging middle class, which is ten times that of the Canadian population, presents a large opportunity for agribusinesses in Canada. This time at Gateway, I helped convene the break out sections for fresh food including an educational … Continue reading 2017 Gateway Canada

Alibaba turns 18: The making of the Alibaba Annual Party

On the 8th of September 2017, Alibaba Group turned 18! From 18 people in an apartment in Hangzhou, to the world’s 6th largest internet company, Alibaba has written an incredible story and there was only one way to celebrate this day. After 168 days of preparation, over 2 months of rehearsals, 2000+ actors and over 80 directors, Alibaba’s 2017 Annual Party was hosted at the largest stadium in Hangzhou with over 40,000 people attending from around the world. Many of the AGLA members were involved in making this party happen from being volunteers to working behind the scenes, here we … Continue reading Alibaba turns 18: The making of the Alibaba Annual Party

AGLA visits Yiwu – Home to China’s largest wholesale market

Last week, Class 2 of Alibaba’s Global Leadership Academy (AGLA) visited the world’s largest wholesale market located in Yiwu (义乌), Zhejiang province, a mere two hours bus ride from Alibaba HQ in Hangzhou. It not only turned out to be a trip to one of the most impressive wholesale cities in the world, where its over 75,000 merchants last year sold around 70% of the world’s Christmas decorations, but also a trip back in history to a time when Alibaba’s journey just began 18 years ago: as a platform for Chinese producers and wholesalers to export into the world through … Continue reading AGLA visits Yiwu – Home to China’s largest wholesale market

Living in China: Glimpses into Aliculture

“Knowing what you have, what you want, and what are you willing to give up?” — Jack Ma@ SHE conference 2017 Jack Speaking at the SHE Global Conference Being especially fortunate to be on the AGLA programme, our first few months at Alibaba has been incredibly special. Whether you have lived in 10 + countries, speak multiple languages or you think you have seen the world…there is nothing quite like this yet. Having the privilege to have afternoon-tea’d with Jack Ma in his office and hearing him speak to us on various topics almost daily for the first week, you can’t help … Continue reading Living in China: Glimpses into Aliculture

AGLA Meets Michael Evans

AGLA Class 2 had the pleasure of meeting Michael Evans, President of Alibaba Group and hear from the leader of Globalisation himself on Alibaba’s internalisation strategies and how AGLAs could contribute to the vision. For many of us, Michael Evans was not a total stranger. During our welcome evening at the final round interviews, the former Olympics champion and Asian business veteran had given us the invaluable advice to “be yourself” and “be authentic”. For the 20 of us on AGLA 2, we were in high anticipation on hearing from Michael where Alibaba is placing its bets on globalisation. By … Continue reading AGLA Meets Michael Evans

Changing How Americans Think of China Through the Alibaba Gateway Conference

What comes to mind when Americans hear the word “China”? For most people, an image of endless factories in Southern China appears. Grey, dull, full of lines and lines of workers with safety gloves, assembling trinkets on a conveyor belt. … Continue reading Changing How Americans Think of China Through the Alibaba Gateway Conference