AGLA Class #2

AGLA class 2 initiation

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AGLA Class 2 Starts Their Journey

Only July 6th, AGLA Class 2 officially started their journey at Alibaba. 20 members from AGLA Class 2 come from 9 different countries and 7 diverse industries.

They are very excited to be sharing the journey of this unforgettable year with everyone and follow the blog for their experiences.

Below are the members from different countries:

  • USA: Christina Hu, Leela Greenberg, Victoria Rui Cheng, Ryan McCarthy, Yiyi Deng
  • Germany: Christopher Weber, Jan Poeter, Quintus Dienst
  • Canada: Alexander Yan, Jeffery Sehl, Sharon Gai
  • France: Mathieu Ngo-Di, Victoria Stive
  • Singapore: Guo Xing Lim, Weisheng Neo
  • Netherlands: Babette Lockefeer, Wung Yip Chan
  • Spain: Diego Garcia Fernandez
  • China: Yuan Fang
  • UK: Rilly Chen

They will spend 1 year in Hangzhou rotating across 5 different BUs: Aliexpress, Ant Financial, Tmall, Tmall Global and Alibaba Cloud.